IT Strategy

ITD is currently embarking on a significant update to the current Enterprise Strategic Plan for Technology.

The strategic technology categories that shape the Enterprise Technology plan are driven by the City Council’s vision, City of Bellevue’s core values and department needs across the city.

In alignment with our mission, vision and values, the City is purposeful about using technology to further organizational goals. The following framework guides the implementation of the technology strategy: 

  • Focus to improve the quality of the services we provide to customers and the community. 
  • Work collaboratively to produce the best solutions, maximize the benefits of investments and lower risks. 
  • Strive to provide convenient and intuitive public access to City information and services. 
  • Maintain agility to respond quickly to changing public preference for technologies and how they use them to communicate and access information
  • Provide the tools staff need to do their work, expanding options for where and how.
  • Consider long term costs, including maintenance and replacement, when making technology investments.
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